Traditional web design is dying, new more performance focused methods are being adopted by top companies in 2017. GDD (Growth Driven Design) is the most efficient way to maximize the conversion of prospects to customers on your website. The main goal of GDD is to execute user experience based incremental improvements and properly update and evolve your website by using this valuable data. Traditional web design focuses on building the website based on assumptions derived from best practices or industry standards.”Creating detailed project plans before you build or test anything is counterproductive to results.” “The entire strategy is based upon assumptions.” “If one or more assumptions are proven false, the entire project may fail” (leanlabs.com). Implementing a successful GDD strategy can dramatically increase revenue and completely transform your website’s overall deliverable results. In turn, more growth focused businesses are taking advantage of GDD as a solution to fully optimize their websites. At this point you might be asking yourself, is Growth Driven Design for me?