Traditional Web Design is dead, Growth Driven Design is the evolution of web design. Implementing a successful “GDD” strategy can dramatically increase revenue and completely transform your agencies overall deliverable results. Here are some of the reasons many top agencies are transitioning to a more “user experience” based strategy to build and develop their websites. 

Large Up-Front Cost: The average small to medium-sized business website costs anywhere between $15,000 – $80,000 up-front. The website requires the full payment before going live.

Large Time & Resource Commitment: The average website takes three months to complete and requires a great deal of resources and energy from your team.

Nothing Set in Stone: Large projects can fluctuate in cost and time, which makes accurate quotes difficult. Project delays and increased budgets happen sometimes.

No Prototype: The Traditional method launches a website that should succeed in theory. However, this method lacks a “trial and error” run with viewers. Trial and error helps determine what works for viewers and what does not, which is beneficial in the design process.

After launch, a website has no major updates for 1.5 to 2 years. Some small updates or improvements may happen, along with adding blogs or landing pages to the site, but the vast majority of the site remains untouched.

Here is 5 steps to begin a growth driven design strategy for your website

1- Audit website: Get an idea of what pages on your website are. High, medium and low performing. This way you will get a better idea of where to spend time and energy.